This Irresitably Grouchy Cat Gets Rescued And Adopted, Hates Every Second Of It


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This one comes to us from Sarasota, Florida and we cannot stop laughing, plus it’s pretty heartwarming and awesome. Just take a look at this hilariously grouchy face before reading the incredible story of how he was found and adopted…


So what’s the story??…

A house inspector named Paul Tateosian was doing a walk-through of an empty house when he heard echoing from somewhere in the house a meowing cat. The light red haired fur-ball came up to Paul and his colleague, tentative and on-guard but clearly looking for help and attention. The poor little guy had been left in the house to fend for himself, without any food or water. Not only was he scrawny and apparently starving, but his fur was matted – it seemed he had been neglected for a while.


With an immediate instinct to help, Paul offered the kitty a mango he had found in the yard, but the kitty not only rejected the food but gave them quite a scowl. But despite the negative kitty body language, the little guy kept hanging around Paul and his colleague throughout the inspection. As Paul said, “He was really friendly and just looking for a lot of love. So I sat with him for a long while on the ground, petting his head and keeping him company.”

Here he is coming up to them for attention:


They named their new friend Garfield. We’ll never know how long Garfield had been abandoned and living on the streets, but the poor little guy had the right instinct and came for help to the right people that day.


So what happened? “At the end of it all, owing to the fact that the tenants were out, all their stuff was gone, and the owner had never lived in the house, the inspector decided to take him home,” Paul described. “In Florida, alligators/hawks/eagles/owls/snakes can take these little guys in a flash and he needed a home.”


What we love most here is how grumpy Garfield looks, despite wanting to be loved and clearly being such a marshmallow inside!


Now Garfield is in the comfort of a loving home with his forever family and is loved and spoiled like he should be. We just can’t get enough of this face!


What love can do! Share this story with your friends, let’s remind everyone how quickly a little love and kindness from strangers can turn a hurt heart around!

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