A Homeless Man Approached Her While Catching Pokemon. It Was A Day Neither Will Ever Forget.


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A young woman out catching Pokemon shared a story on Facebook recently about a homeless man who approached her in the park. Instead of ignoring the man, or sending him on his way, Kimberly Schintzius took a moment to speak with him.

His name is Daniel and he’s a homeless Vietnam veteran that was so hungry, he had to ask a complete stranger for food.

homeless man with nurse

Schintzius took a photo with Daniel before leaving him and penned a touching story about their meeting. This is what she wrote:

“While out catching Pokemon in Atlanta I was approached by a frail looking older man on a worn out bicycle, I know I must have appeared lost looking at my phone screen and walking around trying to find a specific Pokemon near me and he asked if I needed help getting anywhere and I told him ‘No, I’m just playing a game called Pokemon Go.’ He went on to ask what a Pokemon Go was and I proceeded to show him and a wild Pidgey showed up and I was even able to show him how to catch it and how it shows up on the camera so it looks like it’s in the real world and he smiled and laughed and chatted with me about how he was wondering what all these young people walking around with their phones doing funny things were doing.


He then thanked me for being so kind and walking and talking with him instead of pretending he doesn’t exist.  I was already on my way to grab dinner at the Deli near Centennial Olympic Park and he looked sad all of a sudden and said “I don’t want you to think I’m trying to beg for money or anything like that like I know a lot of people ask for that and go buy alcohol or cigarettes but I don’t smoke, I’d really just like something to eat ma’am. Is there any way you could help me out? Anything would be appreciated.”

Since I was just going to get myself some pasta salad I went ahead and ordered a whole meal that came with pasta salad as a side and I just kept the side for myself and handed him the rest of food I had ordered for him and with a tear in his eye he asked politely if he could give me a hug and I replied ‘of course! I would love to give you a hug sir, may I get a photo with you in return?’ He smiled and gave me a hug and we took a photo.

As I turned to walk back to the park where my dad was at work in the Repicci’s trailer he said ‘Miss Kimberly (I still had on my work name badge) my name is Daniel Wise, I am a Vietnam Veteran and from the bottom of my heart I would like to thank you for the kindness you showed me today and letting me see that there are still young people like you out there who do selfless things like this…”

While it broke my heart to know he is more than often ignored and treated like he isn’t even human, it warmed my heart to help him get a meal in his belly tonight and lift his spirits with a simple conversation while walking down the street.”

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